A TEAPY is a new tableware piece which transforms tea-making and serving.

It is a mug lid with three separate, complementary inventions.*

A "perimeter recess" provides a small aperture inside the rim of the mug to retain a teaspoon and optionally a tea bag string while preventing the tea bag tag slipping into the mug.

Secondly, a "top recess" retains a jug containing milk, lemon, honey, alcohol or other "tasting product". On the underside, it has a "well" area to receive a used tea bag or infuser. After the tea is brewed, the TEAPY is flipped over and the perimeter recess is "docked" snugly against the side of the mug. Unlike existing circular lids or "tea bag tidies", the TEAPY perimeter recess provides a “transfer width” for a dripping, used tea bag or loose leaf infuser, avoiding any mess.

The third invention is an upstand which, after inversion, enables the TEAPY to be returned directly to the mug rim without re-flipping, to keep the drink warm or for safe return carry to a kitchen.

TEAPY® was invented to overcome the problems of existing tea service using a teapot or an open mug or cup.  Tea in a conventional teapot changes in strength from too weak to too strong.  An open mug and tea bag cannot provide ideal brewing conditions, and there  is typically no means of cleanly disposing of the dripping, used tea bag.

The transparent TEAPY is virtually unbreakable, machine-washable and micro-waveable.

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