Geo Dots One-Way Privacy
Geo Dots One-Way Privacy

Geo Dots One-Way Privacy

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A non-perforated window film which looks frosted from the outside and blocks the view into buildings during the daytime. The product allows excellent see-through for people inside the building with a black tint effect.
Applied internally, Contra Vision® Geo Dots™ has a white dot pattern when viewed from the outside for privacy and a black dot pattern when viewed from the inside for optized see-through with a black tint. It is designed to obscure the view from the outside, preventing people from seeing into a building or a room while still allowing those inside to see out.
  • One-way vision privacy during daytime
    • Frosted on the outside
    • See-through black tint appearance from the inside
    • Curtains required at night to maintain privacy when the lights are on
  • Solar control
    • 99%+ UV protection
    • 60% Reduction in glare/solar heat gain
    • Reduces heat in the summer, reduces heat loss in winter
  • Easy to install with care!
    • Install onto the inside surface of the glass
    • Wet application is easy for most with the guide provided
  • 24/7 see-through from inside the building
    • Unlike most reflective privacy films this product will allow you to see through the window to the outside 24/7
    • Allows natural light in
  • High quality
    • Excellent quality PET
    • Up to 5 years lifespan
    • Waterproof