Reeded decorative window film
Reeded decorative window film

Reeded decorative window film

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Contra Vision® Reeded Glass Film™ is a clear self-adhesive film featuring a decorative 13mm wide fluted pattern. 

Also known as fluted glass film, this decorative polyester, PVC free privacy film is a cost-effective alternative to reeded glass, providing similar benefits without the need for replacing existing windows. It can be used for both commercial and residential applications and is applied to the inside of windows.

This product provides a high VLT of 95% with a privacy level of 3/5 this product gives a medium amount of privacy offering a softened, distorted view and is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of interior spaces. this reeded glass privacy film can be used on glazed meeting rooms, office partitions and other living places where diffused natural light is of upmost importance, but privacy is still required.

The orientation of reeded window film can affect how light enters and interacts with the space. We recommend that the film is applied so the flutes are vertical

Unfortunately, Reeded Glass privacy film does not provide privacy at night. Blinds or curtains are still needed to maintain complete privacy at night when the lights are on inside the building.

  • Solar control
    • 99%+ UV protection
    • 60% Reduction in glare/solar heat gain
    • Reduces heat in the summer, reduces heat loss in winter
    • Allows natural light in
  • Easy to install with care!
    • Install onto the inside surface of the glass
    • Wet application is easy for most with the guide provided
  • High quality
    • Excellent quality Polyester film
    • Up to 5 years lifespan
    • Waterproof